Sticker residue on my French Dressmaker's form...
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We received this dressmaker's dummy from our client with old sticker residue on her. Too many items to shoot to just Photoshop the spot out, so I'm desperate for a permanent solution- The obvious point here is I can't throw her into the washing machine as she's wooden directly under the fabric that needs cleaning. Already tried a small bit of Goo Gone, with a clean white cloth, but I think it may just be moving the gunk around and not removing the residue as I'd hoped. I read about lighter fluid (butane), WD-40 and some others, but am obviously hesitant to do anything that may permanently discolor this spot even more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Maybe rent a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment?
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I'd spot clean it with some liquid soap or detergent mixed with lots of water and let that sit for a while. Go just a bit outside the boarders of the stain so that there isn't any residue/ring left after. Then I'd use a sponge to spot "rinse" it with water to remove all the soap + old adhesive. I've heard about lighter fluid thing, too (I'm a photo stylist). Maybe someone else can confirm if that actually works. Spot cleaning will take time as removing/rinsing the soap and drying might be an issue. Maybe after the soap is all out, use a hair dryer on low to help facilitate the drying. Also, a steamer will help remove any wrinkles the cleaning produces.

If that didn't work–I'd paint the dummy with white paint or re-cover it with another layer of muslin (just pin it up in the back). If you know anyone who sews or drapes on a form/dummy, they will know how to cover it with fabric.
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Best answer: Can you lift the gunk with a piece of tape? Try painter's or masking first; if that doesn't work, duct tape using gentle pressure.
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Best answer: Use duct tape to see if you can remove some of the sticky residue. Apply a strip, press, peel off. If the fabric is fragile, this would be a problem. You may be able to find spot cleaner that's dry cleaning fluid, which will evaporate completely - use it with a stack of clean white cloths, on small areas at a time. My Mom used lighter fluid instead of dry cleaning fluid, which often removed color a swell as dirt.
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Also, can you tea stain some muslin, and apply patches? Done well, it might look good.
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Glue a copy of the original sticker on it, like this one.
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Lots of good suggestions here. Whatever method you decide to use, try it on an inconspicuous area first. Would covering the spot with a high contrast patch make photo shopping easier/quicker/feasible?
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Response by poster: *Update* Thanks so much for all the great solutions so far! Here's what I've done thus far: painter's tape, then duct tape- looks like most of the left (mannequin's right side) goo is gone. Now, I'm afraid I may have permeated the wood with Goo Gone, which you can still see here. Any more thoughts?
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Some of the goo gone will dissipate on it's own. I've cleaned goo gone off of unfinished wood with murphy's oil soap in the past without any problems. It need time to dry and will dry much faster without the fabric covering it–if possible.
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Could you cover the form with some kind of tan leotard or turtleneck shirt that can be clipped/tucked into the top of the neck?
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Also, just a note, using tape on the manikin works–just be careful because that is actually depositing more adhesive onto the fabric that, though you can't see it now, will hold onto dirt like a magnet in the near future (!).
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I think it looks fine the way it is. Before I saw the picture I thought it was a huge dark stain. Without the circle I would have needed to squint and ask where...ok I still squinted with the circle. It adds to the charm, sort of gives it a vintagey feel.
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Can you apply make up to the dummy? Some sort of pale foundation?
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Once you get any of the solvent that's already on it off, could you paint the whole thing? You'll want to choose a paint that'll dry cleanly and without a smell that could be imparted to clothing, but that could be a potential solution to give this a clean finish all over.
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Acetone cuts through gunk like that.
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Response by poster: *Final Update* thank you all again for the amazing suggestions here! What I ended up doing (and what had the best results) was using painter's masking tape (as suggested here) to gently lift off the old residue. This residue was a bit older, so I needed to use duct tape in addition to the painter's tape, but it worked like a charm and no solvents were used other than the small bit of Goo Gone. In addition, the fabric of the form is pretty tough, so the tape did no damage whatsoever.
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