Short term healthcare coverage in Massachusetts
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Short term health insurance options in Massachusetts?

Moved states and my (individual) insurance runs out today, and I won't have insurance through my new employer for 2 weeks.

I live in Boston and I'd sleep better for the next 2 weeks if my wife and I had insurance. Any suggestions?
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I've heard good things about the comparison search on Might be a decent starting point. They have short-term listed as a category, search here. Sorry I don't have any more specific recommendations.
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Perhaps COBRA is what you are looking for?
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You can sign up for COBRA now, and then once your new insurance kicks in tell them to cancel it and you won't owe anything,
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Unfortunately I believe it is too late to purchase individual insurance through the Connector. But check it out nonetheless: Massachusetts Connector (health insurance exchange).
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It sounds like you may not be COBRA-eligible (if you didn't have group health insurance through an employer previously), but if you are, my understanding is that you have a long period during which to elect it (60 days) and it is retroactive to when your employer coverage ended. So this is not health advice, but for a short gap between jobs like this, people (including me) have skipped getting short-term coverage with the plan of signing up and paying for retroactive COBRA coverage only in case of health disaster.
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Oh, on Monday, try calling Health Care for All? I know at one point they had a volunteer phone line, primarily helping people with subsidized health insurance in MA (CommCare), but they may be be able to direct you. On the phone so apologies for no hyperlinks.
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I just did the same with online signup for Assurant Health. The one I bought is specifically for short term catastrophic. Sign up for any period whatsoever. I needed longer though, so paid 6mos in advance for $3,500 deductible = $700. No out of US, no pre-existing, must contact them before any treatment. But there it is. Same-day sign up, quick and easy, read the fine print obviously.
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I have done what Teditrix does -- in fact, the HR person at my new company recommended it. Sign up for nothing, but keep the COBRA info handy in case something happens. It really can be used retroactively.
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