Barely-remembered commercial from the 70s/80s
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What was this commercial that I vaguely remember from my childhood?

The premise was that it was a little boy who was at summer camp and he was terribly homesick. The commercial was mostly comprised of him writing a letter home to his mom and dad, and it was conveyed in the form of a song - like, we see him writing the letter while hearing him sing it. I don't remember anything about the song, except the final line, which I am certain was "maybe I should come home?"

Then, something happened (mom and dad sent a care package? I dunno, something), and the kid was happy and enjoyed the rest of camp. If it's on Youtube, that's a bonus ...
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Is it possible you are remembering Allan Sherman's 1963 comedy song Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah? It's pretty much the same aside from not being a commercial.
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Best answer: There was a McDonald's commercial with this theme, except it was a camp trip to McDonalds, not a care package.
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Response by poster: That's it! That's it exactly! Thank you. (I knew it was kind of homage to the Allan Sherman thing, but in the form of a commercial.)

(So interesting to me how in my mind's eye it was clearly a boy, rather than a girl. The brain is a fascinating thing.)
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Are you thinking of that Downy commercial from the 1980s that used that song?
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What's funny is that it was totally confused in my head with the piano recital McDonalds commercial in the musical childhood tribulation solved by McDonalds genre of ads. :)
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This commercial is actually quite excellent. I definitely related to it as a 7 year old.
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This question really needs this link. The original "letter from camp" song.
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or, if I could read, what telegraph posted... sheesh.
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