How worried should I be about my (fake, root canaled) chipped tooth?
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I was chewing on a hemp powder smoothie (the hemp powder has a gritty texture) when it happened. I've changed dentists a 3 times now as well as moved (still haven't looked up a local one) so I can't go back to the person who did the root canal. It doesn't hurt, just feels weird. Do I need to go see a dentist immediately?
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Your cap broke? If it's just a cosmetic/annoyance thing and there's no pain, you can probably wait, as it's not a live tooth (if it's over a post). If you still have tooth remaining, my worry would be infection brewing.
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You don't indicate how long it's been since you've actually had your mouth open in front of a dentist. Not that it matters because seriously, the only person qualified to tell you how worried you should be is a dentist who has assessed the situation in your mouth at this moment.

You do actually need to see a dentist about this. Especially since it's Friday and rapidly approaching 5pm. You do not want to be faced with major dental pain on a Saturday.

We also don't know if this was a complete root canal or a partial root canal. If there is any chance that there is any nerve tissue remaining...ouchie. Root canals fail sometimes, and that also leads to pain.

There are about a thousand reasons to go to the dentist as soon as possible. Please go.
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If you have insurance, look up a local dentist through their site and go to one. I swear it will take 5 minutes to find one and you can make an appointment for next week right away. I've chipped caps before and you need to get it replaced soon otherwise you could have to get another root canal. Bogus right?
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When you say "fake" do you mean the outer coating chipped off of a crown, or that you lost a crown, or what? If it's just a chip in the crown, I wouldn't call it an Emergency! but it's something you ought to get taken care of.
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The cap (yep its over a post) is chipped (like a little flake). Had the root canal performed over 2 years ago, no problems with it. I go see the dentist twice a year.
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Sounds like a piece of grit got in just the right spot and caused a bit of the porcelain to shear off. No biggie. Just mention it at your next cleaning/exam.
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If it's a full nerve removal root canal, then yeah, it's not going to hurt, because there's no nerve in there. The problem is, if it does get infected from debris or horrible tooth demons (IANAD) or whatnot, you won't know until the infection reaches the underlying bone, at which point you are so super fucked I can't even begin to tell you.

Don't rush off to a dentist emergency place tonight or anything, but sometime next week would be good.
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Sounds like its not something I should freak out about but just need to take care of as soon as I can. I'm due for a checkup next month but I'll pick a dentist on Monday and go from there. Thanks everyone!
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