Recommended professional counsellors/therapists around Vancouver, BC?
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I'm asking for a friend. Any recommendations or resources available? Located in Vancouver area and working on a sliding scale (or relatively affordable) would be much appreciated.
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See mail.
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Adler Centre (Broadway & Burrard)

$35 / hour, because they use interns. Don't let the word "intern" scare you -- my sessions were conducted by someone working on her post-doc, and generally all of them are similarly qualified.
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Counselling BC (directory service). I found my therapist on there and have been having a great experience. It's very much about personal fit, so being able to look at a lot of people's websites helped me figure out what I was looking for.
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Do you have any specific areas of specialty, or geographic preference? Does this person have to be a licenced psych? wutangclan suggests the Adler center, are they OK with that? (not Adlerist but perhaps they're looking for CBT, or hypnosis even)

I'm genuinely not trying to be difficult. Finding a good therapist in the right price range is always going to be tough and it helps to clarify your objectives in advance.

My advice; best way to find a good psych is ask another psych.
The search for a good long term therapist could take a lot if time so consider accepting Mr. Right Now instead of Mr.Right
Now ask Mr. Right Now to help you with your search for the long term professional.
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