Public Spaces for Reading in Queens?
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What are the best transit accesible public spaces for sitting and reading in Queens? Even after the renovation of the Queens Central Library, it's still hard on the eyes. Are there attractive libraries? Privately owned public spaces, like the Olympic Tower Atrium in Manhattan? Hotel lobbies?

(This previous question doesn't have any answers for Queens.)
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Which transit? Indoors only?
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Response by poster: Any subway line. Indoors preferred, but outdoors not excluded.
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Queens Botanical Garden is a 15 minute walk from the end of the 7 train--is that too far?

Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria is nice--you can sit under a tree--you can walk there from the N/Q.
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The Flushing library is pretty nice, too, and is on the way to the garden from the subway.
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Gantry Park in L.I.C.
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