Movies Filmed Where I've Lived
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I think it's fun to see familiar streets/interiors as backgrounds in movies and on TV. I've lived in a number of places that are probably moderately- to highly-covered by film crews, and some places that may be more of a stretch. Where can I see the places I've lived on film?

I watched Jackie Brown for the first time recently, and was thrilled to see the Del Amo mall in Torrance, CA used as a big on-location set, because that's the mall I went to as a young kid. I get a kick out of seeing places I've lived on film and TV, particularly if they're used as more than just establishing exteriors. I've moved around a fair amount, and lived a lot of places that are probably attractive/convenient to directors and production crews. Help me make these movies into a weird scrapbook of my life so far!

Here's a list of the places I've lived for a year or longer:

--Torrance/Redondo Beach, CA

--Ojai, CA

--Providence, RI

--Cambridge, England

--Prague, Czech Republic

--Montmartre, Paris, France (obviously, Paris has been filmed a ridiculous number of times, so movies that heavily feature Montmartre would be ideal here)

--Bed Stuy, the West Village, and Greenpoint, New York (New York City is probably one of the only places more heavily represented on film than Paris, so it would be ideal to find films that really feature the neighborhoods I've lived in)

The more the action is rooted in the cities/neighborhoods or major locations (like the Del Amo mall), the more appropriate the film or TV show will be for my purposes here. But I'm curious about any responses! Thank you!
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Amelie for Montmartre
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Soderburgh's Kafka was shot in Prague.
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imdb has a search for that. You could at least start with movies that listed those cities in their filming locations.
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Trinity College, Cambridge appears in Carl Sagan's famed TV documentary series Cosmos , in the episode where he talks about Newton's theories. This is the only time the College has allowed a film crew to film inside the college or on college grounds ( the Trinity Great Court run depicted in the movie Chariots of Fire was actually filmed at Eton College), which is a sign of Sagan's massive prestige. You can view Carl's scene with an apple pie and a college dining room servant in the Great Hall (dining room) of Trinity at about the 20 second mark in the recent A Glorious Dawn remix music video, which also features Stephen Hawking at Gonville & Caius College with a college porter in the background at about the 2:20 mark)
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The Farrelly Brothers shoot many of their films in Providence; Something about Mary, Outside Providence, Me Myself and Irene, Dumb and Dumber
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The big reveal of Shangri-La in the movie lost Horizon is a shot of the Ojai Valley from Dennison Grade. In the movie Coming Home, with Jane Fonda and John Voight, Manhattan or Hermosa Beach is featured. (Although John Voight's car is not in this flick.)
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A LOT of Hollywood movies have been filmed in Prague. But it's mostly a stand-in for some other city. Here's a list.

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Do the Right Thing is set in Bed-Stuy.
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Spike Lee's 1983 Master's Thesis film is also (as you can tell from the title) set in Bed-Stuy. It's called Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads.
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Cambridge University also appears in the final feature length episode of the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. A painted, adapted background based on photographs shows a 24th century Cambridge skyline, but the ancient buildings of St. John's College (and possibly one other college?) are clearly visible.
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I remember when I saw 21 Grams (2003) I passed the location of the auto accident in the movie as I left the theater. (Minetta Lane in Greenwich Village)
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You can google around and find some information. I live in downtown LA and am always seeing my 'hood in a movie. LA Plays Itself might be fun for you, too, although the guy's commentary makes me want to smack him.

Ojai--Easy A

Torrance High School

Redondo/Torrance--The OC, of course! Point Break
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I don't think many major films were shot in Providence, RI... But if you've lived in Providence, perhaps you've also been to Newport? They shot the Great Gatsby there, and a few other films I think.
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