Seeking an affordable "fancy" hotel or B&B in the Northeast US.
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4 stars, 2 bills: The hotel is the destination. A friend of mine has a hotel fetish. Given that the cost of a room also depends on the city and taxes, is there a "fancy" hotel or B&B in the Northeast with a remarkable amount of bang for buck? Goal is <200/night.

A friend of mine has a liking for hotels - the minimalism of being without most of your belongings, the freshness of new surroundings (be it pre-war, or post-modern), amenities, room service, being waited on, etc.
As a gift, I'd like to take her someplace that exemplifies this experience, but hopefully without a ridiculous nightly rate.
For context:
Sherry-Netherland (Upper East, NYC) - Epitome, $500+/night, drool.
Grand Hyatt (Grand Central, NYC) - Modern/fancy, $250+/night, closer.
Fairmont Royal York (Toronto) - Fancy, amenities, $200+/night, reasonable option.

I'm in NYC, but as the hotel is the destination, any place within reach via a cheap flight, train, or megabus is fair game. I'll take a shot at priceline & hotwire, but wonder if there might be nice hotels that are affordable because of location, local economy, and hotel taxes.
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I don't have anything in particular in mind, but you might look at ski resorts; snow season is over and there will be off-season deals over the summer.
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Another place I've had luck getting good deals is at business-district hotels during long weekends (Memorial Day and Veterans Day weekends are good ones because no one really travels for those). I don't know where the business districts are in the NE so I can't give you more specific recommendations.
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I spent last Labor Day weekend at the Millennium Hilton in lower Manhattan for under $150 (before taxes) per night.
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The Sofitel in Philadelphia is pretty nice, particularly if you get one of the suites. They generally run specials pretty frequently, although probably less often in the summer than the winter. Probably can't do a suite for less than $200, although you can probably get a regular king or double-queen room, which are still nice.

It's located right in Center City so nice location, and of course you can take the train easily from NYC.
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(I meant Labor Day weekend - I don't know how many people in the US get a holiday for Veterans Day)
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Best answer: I'll sell you two nights at the Grand Hyatt for half-price. I have a shitton of points just sitting around.
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The Mansions on Fifth in Pittsburgh can get you a very swank room for $215 a night (plus assorted fees). Rooms start at 190, I believe. The website moderately sucks, but depending on the tier of room, you can get butler-level service. Might be worth giving them a ring to see what's included in each of the room packages.
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Best answer: I'd look on Expedia for last minute deals, if the weekend is flexible. Just put in NY and select your amenities; ignore any requests for inputting dates. For example, you can get a room at the W New York for $183/night for the weekend of June 14. Or try other local cities for even cheaper rates - the J House or the Hyatt in Greenwich CT for $152 and $107, respectively.

In general, looking at Greenwich/Fairfield County or NJ might be cheaper than NYC. It's wedding season, so places with a handful of leftover rooms might be looking to rent them out on the cheap. Also, staying inland away from the shore should be cheaper.
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Best answer: I'd suggested any of the (former) CN/CP hotels in Canada. Château Frontenac in Montreal and Château Lauier in Ottawa are the first that come to mind and both are accessible by train (Ottawa is a bit more difficult) but are both over $200 a night. Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon, SK is similar and just at your limit (not including fees and taxes) but a plane ride away (also it's Saskatoon). If St. Andrews-by-the-sea, NB, isn't too far out of your way, there's a CP hotel there called The Algonquin Resort.

Just don't look at the Château Lake Louise, sob, so pretty, so expensive.
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The Roxbury is an acid trip of a hotel.
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Seconding the CN/CP hotels that hydrobatidae mentioned. For the Royal York specifically, try the Toronto Tourism site (think its something like, sorry I can't check). And check not just hotels, but hotel + an activity. Granted it was before summer tourism season started but I recently got 2 nights there, plus an AGO ticket (which I would have been going to anyway) for less than the cost of just booking the hotel through the site (and considerably less than booking directly through the hotel.) they have various options - museums, shows, sports, tours etc.
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We stayed here for a wedding and thought it was great the pool/biosphere was very cool... And its right about $200/night although there are plenty of ways to upgrade, of course. We went with the cheapest room and it was still great.
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I love, love, love the Roxbury, mentioned above. It's my favorite hotel (they call it a "boutique motel") in the world. The owners are pretty incredible people, the amenities are better than you'd expect, and it's definitely a destination in and of itself. Midweek, stay two nights, get the third free. Yay!
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Response by poster: @melissasaurus - That expedia search is turning up really interesting results in places like Providence, Baltimore, etc.. Thanks!
@jen14221 Holymoly, will be in touch!
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Best answer: The Charles Street Inn in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood is gorgeous and in the $200 range (depending on the time of year/day of the week).
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