Oh! My Aching Head!
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I've been having a pretty much continuous headache since this past Saturday, with varying degrees of severity, but almost never completely gone (except for short periods of time after taking advil). Shocking waves of pain upon standing after being bent over, unless I move excrutiatingly slowly. YANMD, however, is this something I need to go to see my doctor over, or something simple?

A couple of weeks ago I got my usual summer cold. It lasted a little longer than usual, but nothing out of the ordinary otherwise. I only say that because I am not sure if this maybe something related to sinuses, and consequently to having had a cold a couple weeks ago. The pain is kind of odd because it seems to start above, and slightly to the right of my left eye, and goes almost in a line from there to the crown of my head. Not everywhere along "the line" hurts at the same time, but its always in that area. Moving around at all seems to trigger jolting pain i.e. running around, shifting in bed, or bending over and standing. The rest of the time is a more dull pain, not always bothersome. Advil seems to help but not for very long. I've tried Sudafed as well with the same temporary results. (Although when I took the Sudafed I've also been taking advil, so it could be either in that case). Are these normal headaches? I feel like I've felt this kind of thing before, but it has never continued on for days like this. Should I see my md, or is this just sinus issues continued over from the cold? Not sure where to go from here.
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Dude, yes, you need to go to the doctor for pain that lasts 4 days and doesn't respond well to medicine. That is Bad.
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I had heinous sinus pain from a dreadful cold a few months back, but I would not describe it as a headache, and it also went away when I started taking the real kind of Sudafed (the show-your-ID-at-the-pharmacy-counter kind).

It's Wednesday, and you've had this since Saturday. It doesn't respond to meds (which may end up making it worse, anyway). Go to the doctor, clinic, etc.
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This kind of thing is totally normal for me and I would not be concerned if it were happening right now. However, it is completely abnormal for my husband and if it were happening to him I would make him go to the Urgent Care. If it feels weird to you, go to the doctor.
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Could be sinusitis but impossible to tell over the Internet. Certainly worth seeing your doctor over something bothering you this much that you can't treat with over the counter medication.
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Go to the doctor. This has happened to me and it's really been nothing, but it's also happened to me and I've managed to go to the doctor and get super magic drugs that fixed me right up, and it's so worth the doctor hassle to not be in constant pain for a week.
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Go to the doctor.

Not to freak you out, but my cousin had a very small leakage of spinal column fluid that caused pain like this. It was a bitch to figure out, but she's so much better now.
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Doctor because it's not normal for you and please post follow-up. I'm still wondering about this question.
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Just because it might be sinus pain doesn't mean you shouldn't go to the doctor.
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Nthing doctor, because it's abnormal for you and not responding to over the counter treatment. There really isn't a downside to going to the doctor.
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I had headaches and headaches and it was awful and it finally got me to go to the Dr. and I was half convinced that I was going to be diabetic but nope, high blood pressure. I'm on medication now and the headaches are gone.

Go to the Dr. It could be nothing, it could be something. Hopefully it's something as simple as a rebound headache. Good luck.
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Doctor. A coworker's wife had something similar, which they thought was a migraine at first but which turned out to be a sinus infection in the forehead sinus. The pain was because ti was clogged with something like 4 times the normal amount of mucus.
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Seconding the blood pressure check. I have had these exact symptoms and kept thinking it was my neck or spine causing the untouchable-by-drugs headaches. I delayed for months and only accidentally discovered a BP issue at a routine check. It was crazy high. Medication got the headaches under control very quickly.
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this may also be related to your temporalis muscle. if you clench or grind your teeth at night this muscle can get very tender in the area you are describing. folks can often develop a grinding habit when they are sick with sinus issues because subconsciously pressing the teeth together can block the acute pain of the sinus issue. you should definitely see someone, but don't rule out the dentist if your physician can't find the cause.
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