I don't want this Sunset (by The XX) to end.
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mefites, I am not a club-goer, but something tells me that the sound of Sunset will propel me through the summer. What artists, genres, DJ mixes or internet stations feature this kind of sound?
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Are you specifically looking for something made by a human instead of automated radio?
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Response by poster: Not necessarily. So far all I've got to go on is Jamie xx's "radio" on Google Play All Access.
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You can try something like Raditaz and seeding a radio station with that song.

I work for the company that makes their playlists, so I'm biased.
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It's worth noting that Spotify, Pandora, and Last.fm all include similar radio features based on a song, artist, or list of songs, with varying implementations.

Could you explain what you like about Sunset specifically that you identify with? Is it the steady, soft beat, the minimalist instrumentation, their voices, the lazy, sort of emotionally exhausted feeling of the song overall, some combination of those, or something else?

One of the things that makes The XX remarkable is that they don't really have cohorts or a "scene" of any sort that shares very many aspects of the music they make. It's like all the things that make their sound are pulled from different, distant, distinct parts of the musical spectrum. But if you can identify what you like about the song, we may be able to find other songs that share those aspects.
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Response by poster: I guess that it sounds like dark, sensuous club music - a little bit like a slower, darker Olive. The problem with the robots is that it's rather unlike the rest of their music with that beat, and I don't want more indie rock rock stuff (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, etc). It's the same problem as with JJ's Ecstasy - sort of the odd song out for the album.

Sorry, I don't really know how to describe music very well. It's the beat, mostly, and the mood. It's kind of.. not vapid, too. Like I said, I know nothing about clubs or dance music, but this isn't Jersey Shore dance music, I think?

It's just the right music for the kind of artwork I'm working on at the moment.
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Does something like this work for you? The vocal style is pretty completely different but Gus Gus do a great job of the sort of smooth dark slow beat-driven music it sounds like you're looking for.
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A couple artist suggestions that "feel" similar to me, but (of course), differ in one way or another:

La Roux - More uptempo, dancier. I'm thinking of the beat to Reflections Are Protection, most specifically. Her eponymous album is full of catchy, but kind of melancholy music that expresses some fairly complicated ideas about relationships.

The Kills - more agressive, more... sexual menace. Their early work is heavy on fairly quirky, rhythmic use of drum machines. Their newer stuff has moved towards a more organic, relaxed sound.

Sometimes I think The XX is hardcore channeling Everything But the Girl. And of course, as soon as I say that, I discover that Tracey Thorn has actually covered The XX. If you draw from that well though, I don't think you'll find the beat that you're looking for, as it's all 80's and 90's era dance music.
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Oh, man, I'd forgotten about Gus Gus. Yeah, I can see some of their stuff fitting. I'd check out Teenage Sensation by them. It doesn't have the steady driving beat Sunset has, but it's got a slow, sensuous beat that was characteristic of mid-90s trip hop and a similar dark, breathy feel.
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Best answer: Dark, sensuous club music:

You might like James Blake's two albums.

Maybe Mount Kimbie, Sepalcure and other acts on Hotflush.


Junior Boys

Unai - A Love Moderne

Leigh Clarke


Koreless - Lost in Toyko

Tale of Us



Nicholas Jarr and his record label Clown and Sunset
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+1 Nicholas Jarr - check out his most wonderfully bizarre Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1
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