Best Bible for Kindle?
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I am going to give my old Kindle 4 to a friend, who thinks it will be useful in her Baptist bible study meetings. What bible should I recommend to her?
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There are many Kindle bible available at low cost. In my experience, many people are very particular about what translations they use. Her bible study meeting may have a specific translation that they use.

I would recommend to any English speaker the Revised Standard Version (but *not* the New Revised Standard Version). However, your friend may prefer another translation such as the New International version or King James Version. All of these are available in Kindle format.
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Agreed with Tanizaki, I'd find out if she has a translation preference and start from there.

My personal favorite these days is the ESV Literary Study Bible.
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What's very nice, if available, is called a 'parallel' Bible. It provides several translations side-by-side for comparison. Truly useful for study. Another top-drawer version, again, IF available, would be Thompson Chain Reference. It's loaded with cross references and study guides and the like.
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Seconding that there's little point in recommending a specific bible ebook (= some specific translation and its ebook packaging) to her; this is an easy way to become the bible equivalent of the grandparent who buys their favorite tot a copy of "Adventures of the Hobit" by the Asylum instead of the Peter Jackson "The Hobbit".

Instead, I'd just remind her that lots of versions are available for free either on the Kindle store or elsewhere (ie Gutenberg) and that she might be wary of paid versions she hasn't looked into thoroughly. And if she uses a computer, I might help her install and configure Calibre (+DRM strippers) so that she has a better one-stop shop for her books from all sources.
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Oh, I should have added, as far as I know, the Thompson is sold in King James Version. I'm not aware of it in any other translation.

Since ROU pointed out the freely available versions, I'd wonder if a piece of software might produce the 'parallel' effect with free versions. In the parallel I had, decades ago, what actually added to it was the "Amplified" version. It attempted to give a broader scope of how the original might be translated.
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