Alternative newspaper history
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I am interested in speaking with people involved with the underground newspaper Dragonseed (or Dragon Seed), published in Baltimore and/or Timonium, MD, around 1972-1973. (No, I am not looking for folks involved with Dragonseed Harry.) Most of the contributors used only first names or pseudonyms. What would be the best way to get the word out about this? I was thinking about an ad in the City Paper, but I'm not sure people actually read ads like that.
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It's free to place an ad online, seems like it wouldn't hurt to start there.
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It's free to place an ad online, seems like it wouldn't hurt to start there.

Personal ads are free. General announcement ads are $30.
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I would start by tracking down Dave Eberhardt, and Bob Goren who are listed as contributors. (Note misspelling of Eberhardt there.) I'm pretty sure this is Dave's page.
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I'd suggest maybe writing a blog post about the research you're doing, and send links to local, alternative-ey kind of outlets. In my experience, a post like this can make the right people come out of the woodwork.
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I'd send an announcement to the Mobtown Shank. It reaches a wide array of people in and around Baltimore.
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