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Any recommendations for a software program for managing photos, notes, etc., of plants I am learning about. Just recently developed an interest in Botany and don't really know where to begin. I have tons of photos, journal notes and websites bookmarked and am looking for a way to keep things together and organized so i can access all the info easier. Also looking for a reliable resource for identifying and learning more about the plants I find. Any other advice for a beginner would be appreciated as well...
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I'm mostly a birder, but I find iNaturalist really useful for a lot of what you're looking for. They have a smartphone app as well, I usually just use the website. In addition to keeping track of observations, there are many knowledgeable scientists and naturalists who use it and will help you out with IDs (you can list an observation as "ID Please" to help facilitate this). They also have a journal feature which you could use for your notes or lists of links. It doesn't sound like it's exactly what you're looking for, but it could definitely help as a resource for ID at the very least.
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Some things that spring to mind: Evernote, MS OneNote, or a journal/blog. I've been surprised how well I like keeping a physical research notebook, so you might give that a shot, printing out photos and pasting them in. The info isn't searchable, but is easier to page through.

Where are you collecting plants? Regional resources are generally going to be more useful and thorough for the things you find than national/international lists. Getting involved with a local group or taking a class is also super-helpful for developing your skills in identification.
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