What is an adult male interest magazine that is better then playboy?
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What is an adult male interest magazine that is better then playboy?

So after a years subscription to Playboy, I find myself enjoying the articles more then the pictorials. All the pictorials are so similar, and the type of women they photograph are so monotonous and boring. I think I'd enjoy a magazine with more pictorials that have a more amateurish photography without all the shaved twats and uber-touched up air brushed photographs. Something soft-core, and just features beautiful women from around the world with lots of variety in showing off the female figure. I'm interested in a subscription based magazine of this nature, but it is hard to search for these things on the Internet, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for your replies!
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Have you tried Perfect 10? I like it far more than playboy (I prefer nearly any magazine to playboy, though). It's nice knowing the girls look more like themselves at the very least.
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Statement = Looking for printed magazine && Internet research re: printed magazine is difficult.
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Maxim seems to have totally replaced Playboy in the younger market. I know many friends who read New Yorker, Harper's, et al and keep trying to get me to pick up Playboy for the articles, I thought they were just deluding themselves but apparently the quality has gone up. Also, probably not totally answering your question but Viceland oddly can have some really hot pictorials. Ordering from most NYC DJ stores will get you 400 copies of this month's Vice.
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Nerve had a magazine. It had some erotica, but it was pretty tame and lame. I don't think it's being produced anymore (at least not on the newsstand), but I wouldn't recommend it unless it fell in your lap.
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From a general interest article sense I'm a big fan of Men's Health. For pictures I've given up on magazines; the internet has spoiled me for 8 page layouts - I expect more quantity. For pictures of nekked women I'm partial to SuicideGirls.com but my misspent youth in goth clubs has colored my taste.

I do miss the articles in Playboy as well as the editorial content; their anti-censorship & pro-sex(education) platform may be self-serving but it meshes well for me. I finally refused to renew any longer after the umpteenth time they sent me a renew bill for $5 more than their new subscriber deal. I refuse to be punished for loyalty.
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has Playboy's article quality gone up? Last I flipped through it, it was a slightly, just slightly smarter Maxim. Nothing like the kind of articles that I've seen in vintage circa 60 playboys.

Personally for "men's style magazines" I like most British "laddie" magazines, Sleaze Nation* being a favorite (although i'm not sure they're still around, and their quality dropped quite a bit several years ago when I stopped reading it).

There is the occasional boobie.

* whose bitter/cynical writing is aped by the aforementioned "Vice" and also, to a degree, "XLR8R".
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Off-topic, but Viceland doesn't seem to be terribly... erudite about race, slavery or history. Their "Dumb myths and smart facts about slavery" article has some "facts" that themselves leave a whole lot of context out, or are sometimes entirely misleading. For instance, Muslims are described as "kidnapp[ing]... poor, defenseless white kids—just like you!" during the Children's Crusade. For one thing, maybe the reader isn't white, and it's a little odd that the writer and editors feel secure in assuming so. For another, those children would have been enemy soldiers who were captured, not "kidnapped" it's doubtful whether the Children's Crusade happened at all. But mentioning that, or introducing some historical context, might be too much complex thought for these folks, who apparently would rather give smug freepers talking points at parties. Even if I were horny, I wouldn't want to give them any of my money.

(I'm pretty sure they're wrong about `abd meaning "black" in Arabic, too. That meaning is not mentioned in my copy of Wehr-Cowan; the word I know for "black" is sud, as in "Sudan". It might be a colloquial racial slur.)

Back on-topic: Peter Hegre is a name I associate with great-looking women shot in beautiful ways. He's involved in a print and online magazine called The New Nude (published quarterly). From the Michelle7 Books page, there are links to Fine Art Photo (published in Germany, but available by subscription outside Europe as well) and Black & White (a U.S. publication, also available internationally by subscription), which are apparently more oriented towards fine art than prurient interest. I vaguely remember hearing good things about Leg Show, but I can't vouch for the print version. According to this New York article, Leg Show is softcore. The latter does seem to have a less polished, more DIY-ish look to it. This is a difficult question to answer, since erotic tastes can differ widely and be very specific and amorphous. Indie Nudes might be a good place to start searching for something unconventional and exciting for you (it's where I discovered Michelle7). Hope this helps.
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Or you could just read a half dozen good blogs, and spank it to free internet porn instead?

It doesn't have to be so complicated, see?
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dude, zero. you either A) don't read in the bathroom or B) are lucky enough to own a laptop with wireless.

if it's A, i pity you. nothing like a good bathroom read.
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i smell a demand in need of supply.
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Wow, I can't believe you followed "spank it to free internet porn" and "read in the bathroom" posts with something about "smell." Yichh.

Oh, and second Hegre.
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