Looking for photos/videos, or car crashes with distorting metal
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Looking for videos, commercials, scenes from a movie you can recall, of high definition car crashes or scenes of metal rippling and distorting. Slow motion, hi def, very vivid is the best. Here is a video with something similar: http://vimeo.com/9078364 Its for an art project. Thank you so much for any thoughts or ideas.
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well there's this
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11foot8.com is a classic collection of videos of trucks and vans hitting a railway bridge.
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memailed you a link to a former prof of mine in materials engineering who was all about this sort of research.
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It's been a while since I saw it, but I think Cronenberg's "Crash" might qualify in a few spots. Also, Mythbusters has a variety of car crashes, generally in high speed replay. The ultimate, I think, is a car essentially disintegrating when a rocket sled slams into it. I think what's going on for part of it is the paint vaporizing into a colored cloud
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Matrix truck crash
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The Texas Transportation Institute might be able to help you.
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Jonathan Schipper's art installation might in fact even be too slow for your purposes. ;)
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