Best way to sell my bicycles in the UK?
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I have three really nice bikes to sell and I'm concerned that if I go via ebay I'll get ripped off, plus I'd rather avoid their high fees if possible. Have you had any success selling a good quality bicycle another way in the UK?

Local paper, sign in newsagents window, or even better a really active bicycle enthusiast website? Or should I sell them on fleabay and take my chances.

The bikes we have are two unused Powabykes never taken out of their boxes and a Ladies Scott Contessa Speedster used a few times. Because these are pretty decent bikes and I've only ever sold low-value items on ebay before I could use some advice if that's the way to go. Oh and we're in Lancashire.

Many thanks.
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Try Preloved?
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Gumtree. Facebook sale sites. Ebay with a set reserve at the market rate, COC to avoid paypal fees. You can link the ebay advert to localish cycling sites. Oh and you can post bicycles, info online.
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Bought all my bikes on gumtree, seemed much more the thing than Craigslist or eBay in the U.K.
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My other half just bought a second hand bike on gumtree - very happy with the process.

Have a look around and make sure your prices are realistic - however good the condition of your bikes you don't have the same underwriting as if they were new from a reputable seller.
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You can put a reserve on an eBay auction. But I did this (in the UK), for the price I wanted to sell the bike at, and nobody bit :) I put it on Gumtree at the same price and nobody wanted it there either, so I think the advice about really checking the current market for bikes like yours in the same condition is best.

I ended up selling mine for half what I wanted, a third of what I originally paid, to a work colleague of a friend who shared my Twitter & FB posts about it.

Take lots of good photos! Put them on Flickr or wherever and link up online.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I put the two brand new unused Powabykes on gumtree at half their retail price. Nobody bit. So we put them together and had a go on them ourselves today. They are fantastic and we are keeping them and I'm so, so glad they didn't sell! I guess it was a price thing but anyway, it all worked out for the best.
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