Outdoor lights got wet -- now what?
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I have these strings of tiki lights in my backyard and they got wet!

These strings of tiki lights said "indoor or outdoor" on the package, so I left them out there all year. Now I'm getting the backyard ready for guests again and I noticed that all the tiki heads are full of water! SO, first of all, I'm going to throw them away --- right?

NOW -- what kind of lights can I get that aren't expensive and are kind of "fun" maybe (or maybe not) that will not get wet like that?!

I *really* like these lights and am very disappointed in their wetness. But I want to string lights along the fence without fearing electrocution. And I also don't want to pay a fortune. These were maybe $12 a string.
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Best answer: Do they still work? Make a hole in the bottom of each one so that the water won't accumulate.
posted by cmoj at 3:25 PM on May 26, 2013

Best answer: Just punch drain holes in the bottom of those tiki lights with an awl (or sharp nail, or whatever), wait 48 hours or so for them to dry thoroughly, and they should be good to go.
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Best answer: And if the lights burn out, you can usually put the plastic tikis on a new strong of lights.
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