Cheapest international flight destinations besides Mexico?
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We are trying to find the (usually) cheapest flights to international destinations from Western United States to anywhere except Mexico or Canada.

Kayak used to have a function years ago where they would list ticket prices by region and you could search, say South American ticket prices. So in essence, you are not plugging in a bunch of random destinations to find the cheapest ones, you are already given a list.

I don't see that function on Kayak anymore. Any ideas? Looks like Costa Rica and Panama are the cheapest, but we have already been there.

Thanks! Happy travels!
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kayak has a function where you can put in your location and it will show you a map of the world with ticket prices; I think there's a slider bar on the left to control the price range. It's a little tricky to find...I'll see if I can find a link.
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Kayak Explore?
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yup, that's the one! Oliverburkeman got it!
posted by jrobin276 at 2:46 PM on May 26, 2013 does the same thing, with a bit more flexibility IIRC.

Also to answer your question- depending where in the States you are, I think Iceland can be pretty affordable. Maybe worth looking into.
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As a heads up, the ticket prices you see on Kayak are the cheapest ticket prices found by users traveling to that area. Which means when you see a cheap ticket price it may reflect the price of a ticket where the person left on a Thursday at 1:00am and returned 10 weeks later at 2:00am.
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Kayak Explore for sure.

Don't think so much about What Tends To Be The Cheapest Destination. Look at Kayak Explore and pick the cheapest destination currently available.

I've taken a lot of pretty exotic trips doing it that way, to places that people don't think of as bargain basement destinations. Granted, this usually means travel during the off season.

And I guess it probably depends on your departure point to an extent. Even if there's a special to St. Petersburg in January, it'll probably still be more expensive than Mexico. Your best bet isn't to think about what the cheapest destination is, but what your budget is and what you can reasonably afford to do.

South America is almost always very affordable, except for Argentina and Chile which are far enough south that you start to get back into significant distances.

I've seen good deals between LAX and Narita.

Is Vancouver and the Yukon not exotic enough?

It wouldn't surprise me if there were cheap Pacific Islands flights, though I think that gets more expensive on the ground.

I've also found that from LAX to major European destinations isn't that much more expensive than it is from the East Coast. Like to Ireland might be $750 from LAX where it would have been $600 from New York.
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Maybe keep an eye on They post some insane deals from time to time, and if you act quickly and can be flexible about timing you can get quite far for little money.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I thought I searched everywhere for that Kayak function but I seemed to have missed it. Thanks for the other search engine suggestions too! @Sara we have already traveled to Canada so we were looking for somewhere else, thanks for the suggestion though!
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