What's a good giveaway for a business meeting?
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What's a good giveaway for attendees of a mid-sized business meeting (50 people) to mark the "beginning of a new era"? May be symbolic or something useful, as long as it's not tacky. Maximum value ~25 USD.
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I think the most well-received business presentation we've ever done was 32G Flash Drives with the company logo. Two years later, I still see them in use all around the office.
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Little flashlights for keychains to 'light the way'? Sunflower seed packets? Compasses? Towels a la Douglas Adams? Little trees? Acorns?

Coffee, for the 'new day'?

Is cheesy the same as 'tacky'?
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Response by poster: There's a fine line between tastefully symbolic and tacky (which I equal to cheesy). Flashlights, seeds, compasses, trees and coffee are all good ideas. They wouldn't understand the towel/Adams reference.
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Best answer: How about branded moleskin notebooks? Just add business logo/name.
The symbolism would be the blank pages, I guess.
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The company where I used to work gave out travel mugs at a similar type of presentation. They were very popular.
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I like the Moleskin idea - anything branded can be the sign of something new, of course. For usefulness, few things beat a USB stick.
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A really nice, boxed pen with "Writing our own new story" or whatever on it. It may be that I'm just a nice pen slut, though.
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A nice clock?
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The flash drive with your logo is possibly the most welcome give away. A pen with your logo and contact data is a great gift. When the original giftee loses it, the pen will advertise your business to the new owner.
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Response by poster: The moleskin idea is interesting, as it can be combined with "to write down your ideas for the future" etc. On the other hand, USB sticks and pens are in my opinion overused as giveaways, and nice pens especially have an air of "parting gift".
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Star Trek communicators
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Just came back to say that travel alarm clocks would be awesome! Either old-school and fancy in a leather case, or something really futuristic.
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You should get a quote from that (or another, I didn't search very deeply) notebook site, I'd guesstimate that it'd be around 20 a pop for an order of at least 50, but it's worth a check, just for argument's sake.
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If you want something that people are going to actually be excited about, rather than just considering it to be sort of hokey and likely useless, I'd go with something like $25 Amazon gift cards. If you want to brand it with your business name or logo, you can put your own logo or image in an email, or you could do printed cards with your chosen message and logo. Either way, I think that letting people get something they actually want, instead of one more branded piece of nonsense that at least half of them are going to consider junk, sends the right message. It would certainly tell me that the company was embarking on a new era of not wasting money and of rewarding real work with real compensation.
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I love the Moleskine (or just nice journal in general) idea.

Please don't do seeds.
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Bump up the price just a tad and look at Leatherman utility knives. Constantly used. A tool for the new era of solving problems. Fix it. Never be without a solution. Go with quality, not cheap knockoffs. Leatherman Squirts are less than $30. Might make a nice, quality, useful gift.


I use mine for the occasional tracheotomy and skinning the mighty moose here in wild Vermont, and/or earring repair, bike adjustment, casual field machining. Handiest thing I own next to my brain.
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Response by poster: Moleskine it is - we ordered 50 today! Thanks for all your great ideas!
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