Looking for a searchable image-hosting solution
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I have a large number of medium-sized image files (let's say 2000) that I want to host online in a publicly browsable gallery with tags. Is there any kind of service or software that will make this easy for me?


* Free solutions are obviously preferable.

* I have little knowledge of site construction or hosting, so I'll really value user-friendliness.

* I don't think Flickr would be suitable, but maybe one of you knows better?

* I'm willing to (and expect to) pay for web hosting for this.
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Gallery or WordPress with the NextGEN Gallery plugin.
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Why wouldn't Flickr be suitable?
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Flickr sounds like the perfect solution, actually.
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Flickr is suitable, based on your stated requirements.
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Response by poster: Gallery looks promising, thanks.

My main worry about flickr is that I want an independent gallery, not one networked with every other set of images using the same tags. I also dislike flickr's interface - I want it to be easy for people to download these images.

Flickr is also pretty explicit about it being for hosting photographs; my images are graphics assets. I've also got concerns about how fickle Flickr/Yahoo are and I don't want to lose everything because they changed their terms of services/tools/layout again.

But mainly I want an independent gallery.

I'd not considered Google+, but I don't know anything about how it works. Could people not registered with G+ browse it? If someone could link me a Google+ gallery so I could see what they're like then that would be much appreciated.
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here are two G+ photo albums of mine which are available publicly (they're intended to be read in sequence, like photo essays!):

Principles of Childhood: Berlin Playgrounds
A Handful of Curiosities

the lack of tags would be the main shortfall for you here - I otherwise very much prefer the G+ browsing aesthetic over Flickr's, and of course, it's free.
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Biased reply here; I work at Flickr. I do want to clarify at least one thing.

Flickr isn't just for photos. You're more than welcome to upload whatever other kind of image assets. There's actually a setting when you upload via our website that allows you to specify if you're uploading a screenshot, art, etc, though that setting isn't required.

Flickr supports tagging relatively deeply. Visitors can search by tag or combinations of tags, and they can certainly limit their search to only your photos.

Certainly a lot of changes happening in Flickr's interface, most recently this past week. Flickr may not suit your viewing preferences, but the service is free and offers a very substantial amount of space for sharing images and videos. Hope you find one that you really like!
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