Help me name this new fashion web app!
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Looking for name suggestions for a website that lets you mix and match individual fashion pieces from different retailers into a unified look, then share that look on social media.
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Fashion chimera.
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Working off MaryDellamorte's idea: how about just 'Chimera'?
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Best answer: There was a toy in the 80s called Fashion Plates that had heads, torsos, and lower bodies that you could mix and match, make a crayon rubbing, and then color in.

If I had such a website I'd totally call it Fashion Plates.
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Oh, padraigin - I totally loved that thing! I was trying to remember the name but drawing a blank - thank you! :D
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VeryYou - ill sell you the .com :)
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Everything Including the Girl.
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Fashion Fusion
Fashion Fuser
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Wardrobe Fusion
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Best answer: You're aware there's already Polyvore, I imagine.

"Cabine à la mode" if you want a French option. A "cabine" is what changing rooms are called, and of course English speakers already know "à la mode" means "in style", but used this way for a website it would also mean "cabine for trying on stylish clothes".
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Put Together
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Best answer: FWIW I think Americans think "a la mode" means "with ice cream."
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Response by poster: Much thanks to everyone who contributed! The idea creator actually didn't know Polyvore existed. But still, we had a great time (one of those quick-weekend-prototype project things). The team loved all these names!
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