iphoto to bridge?
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I want to create a photo library in Photoshop CS2 Bridge by transferring files from iphoto. How can it be done cleanly?

I want to do all my editing in Photoshop now and don't want to be jumping back and forth btwn. PS and iphoto. I'm trying to figure out how to drag all the files into Bridge, with folders, and be able to see all my files in thumnail format, kinda like iphoto. It seems that the only way I can see all the files in Bridge is to remove them from the folders they reside in in my iphoto library. I know this is a bit of a neophyte question but I need help. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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If all you want is editing change the prefs in iPhoto to use Photoshop for editing. When you double click on the thumb in iPhoto it will fire up Photoshop and you can edit there. Saving the file puts it back where it was found in iPhoto. I think it will even preserve the versioning but I'm not sure. Use iPhoto for the image management and Photoshop for the image editing. Best of both worlds.

Browsing the directories in Bridge has been the only way I've seen to do it, but you could find all of the jpgs in your itunes library and copy them over to a single 'photos' folder and be able to see them all in a single folder in bridge.
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iPhoto's library has many folders and subfolders in it and also probably lots of original versions of pictures you have edited. If you no longer want to use iPhoto at all, do this:

Go into iPhoto, select your Library, select all photos, and export them in their original formats into a separate folder. After that's done and you've verified it was successful, quit iPhoto and delete the iPhoto Library (both file and folder) from the Finder.

Now start up Adobe Bridge and point it to your new photo folder.
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Response by poster: Thanks much pmbuko. That worked great. Sionara iPhoto, Hello Bridge!
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