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I've been using this case for my iPhone 4 for about a year now. Here's what I like about it: it doesn't cover the screen; it doesn't compromise the camera lens or flash; it is a smooth material that doesn't snag on my pocket (unlike, say, rubber); and most importantly, it has slots for credit cards that are very easily accessible. Here's what I don't like about it: all of the available colors are boring or ugly. Is there an iPhone 4 case out there that satisfies everything I love about this one but is more aesthetically interesting? At this point I would even consider different solid colors more interesting. (The one thing I am not willing to compromise on is card slots, so please don't recommend that. I know I'm being a brat.)
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If you can't find a suitable replacement, try painting a design on it with nail polish.
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A quick Google search turned these up for me: 1 2 3 4 5

Not sure if you're interested in those pink/flowery ones, but I'm sure if those ones exist, you could find other ones in other colours/designs.
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Not the same design you currently have, but I have this in green snakeskin, and hey, five bucks.
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I don't have specific case recommendations, but because that case is leather you can use leather dye to change it to a more interesting color.

You can also buy an adhesive-backed card pouch that will turn any smooth-side back into a card case.
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Keep the case, cover it with a Gelaskin.
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