Bicycle trailer parking etiquette
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I just got a used bike trailer (a Burly, thanks for the advice mefi) and now I am wondering how I am going to lock it up and what the best practices are for parking it. I imagine as much as possible, I'll try to get it out of the way, but I will be locking it in all kind of situations. Best locks? Thx
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I lock mine up at the far end of the rack, if possible. I'll also turn it about 90 degrees if I can to keep it out of people's way.
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Best answer: I usually try to lock at the end of the rack, as well, although this morning I had to squeeze in between two other bikes with trailers (I live in a high trailer-density area, clearly.)

Mostly I don't bother to lock the trailer, but it would really depend on where I'm leaving it and for how long. Back when I lived in San Francisco proper I had three locks just for the bike alone (whereas now I just use one for my bike) so were I using a trailer in the city I'd certainly use extra precautions.

When I do want to lock the trailer, I use a cable and slide it through the wheel and through the loop on the trailer that acts as a sort of front fender, then feed that whole thing up to connect onto the main lock. It won't stop a determined thief but does discourage the opportunists.

Does your trailer fold easily? Some models fold more easily than others, and folding it might give you the option to lock the frame of the trailer more securely to your bike, or even to bring it inside with you, if that's an option.
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Best answer: End of the rack always making sure not to block someone's path, car doors, etc. I typically cable lock the trailer to my bike for longer stays at a location. For shorter visits somewhere, I tend not to lock it as the structure of my bike makes it exceptionally difficult to unhook the trailer.
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These are stolen all the time where I live and are very difficult to lock securely. Basically, the bike shop guys just recommend we buy a length of chain from the hardware store. So we really only take ours out on rides, to places where we can watch it, or places with valet bike parking. I know that's not what you asked-but I've had too many friends lose theirs and these things ate expensive.
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