Export iCalendar as Event List
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I would like to take a calendar in iCal and turn it into a list of events with times / locations. Basically turn a schedule that I've built in iCal into format suitable for text distribution to a bunch of different people. Seems simple! But I can't figure it out. Copying and pasting events from iCal into a text document randomizes the order, which is a huge hassle. Help me, hive mind!
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If you're doing it on a Mac, Choose File > Print... and then choose List view in the pop-up menu. Specify the start date and the number of days you want to print.
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Response by poster: This gives a list sorted by date, but it's really confusing because multi-day events are listed daily as opposed to just once. Close, but no cigar...
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Why is that confusing? The list view gives a daily agenda, so it makes sense that multi-day events are listed every day. Otherwise, people might not realize that they continue from day to day. It's pretty clear on the list that they are all-day events and what the range is.

You could export the calendar and import it into another calendaring system (Google calendars, e.g.) and see whether it provides more flexibility. You could also take the PDF output, copy it, paste it into a word processor, and then edit as you see fit. You'd at least have your events in chronological order.
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