Locking down a Windows 8 tablet?
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We've got an HP ElitePad running Windows 8, and would like to use it to help new employees at our deli make sammiches the right way. We've setup a sharepoint site for the deli and created pages for all the menu items, but now we'd like to try to keep the device focused on it's task. Is there a way to lock down the tablet to just the browser, and limit the pages employees can access?
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Best answer: for other tablet OS, you'd be looking for a kiosk mode app. For android, I've evaluated Surelock and it did what you want and more. It appears they have a win8 beta app.

So check the win8 app store equivalent for kiosk mode software.

(Unsure in MS has a win8 lock down/kiosk mode -- they had a kiosk mode for XP, but I haven't paid attention in a while to their many home/business/premium/pro/ultimate etc versions)
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Can you not just tell them and sack anybody who deviates from your policy. This helps you get rid of fools and the decent staff get the feeling you are treating them with respect.

My last employer had just such a policy for all technology and it worked just fine.
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Would settings that are meant to keep kids from porn sites work?
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As much as I love computers, this scenario just seems to cry out for a non-computer solution.
Print each sammich ingredient list / steps / pictures on 8.5x11 paper, laminate them, and Bob's your uncle.
Bonus: no mustard or mayo on tablets; no dropped tablets; laminated sheets work without being charged or plugged-in. Etc.
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