Desperately seeking heavyweight black v-neck t-shirts
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My favourite t-shirts are on their last legs, and the place where I bought them (Principles for Men) no longer exists. They're black, v-neck, with side seams and vents, and very much designed as outerwear. The fabric is heavy, perhaps even a little heavier than Hanes Beefy or Fruit of the Loom Heavyweight (6.1oz) and most store/fancy-brand shirts use much thinner cloth. Any suggestions? US sources as a first option, but ones in the UK are useful as well.
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American Giant, though they are 100% cotton, and not made to be sporty, but just really really solid Ts.
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I find that the longtail t's from Duluth Trading Company are really durable. They do have v-necks. They are made out of a heavier fabric than what you would typically find at Target or somewhere.
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Gildan Ultra Cotton is another brand name to check out.
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Banana Republic makes an incredible pima cotton t-shirt that is often on sale with the purchase of three or more. If you also buy them on a day where everything in the store is on sale, you can get something like 3 for $20.00.
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Response by poster: Filling out snowflakery: 100% cotton is great; I like the look of the Duluth Trading Company longtails, but not the pocket on the v-neck.
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I've always been pleased with Lands' End Super-Ts. Here's the V-neck version.
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I've had good luck ordering from this place. I can't see anything that exactly matches your specs, but you may do better and/or you can email them to ask.
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