Software to monitor network activity AND which program is active?
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I am looking for some software (cheap, free) that will tell me which program is currently accessing the net AND how much traffic is being transferred.

I have found lots of software that will tell me which port is in use, or which port is assigned to a certain program on my computer, but I can find no software that will tell me which program on my computer is currently transferring files to and from the net and the current transfer rates.

I am using Win7 on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

Can anyone help?


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Best answer: It's built in. Start, Run, type "Resource Monitor", go to tab Network. The section Network Activity has what you're asking for, it's collapsed by default I think.
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Can you just use Windows Resource Monitor (resmon.exe)? The network tab will indicate which processes are using the network, what the specific remote endpoint is, and traffic volume in both directions.
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Here's a screenshot for what molybdenum and I are talking about.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

Resource monitor is perfect for my needs.

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