How can we meet other couples for friendship?
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What's the best way to meet other couples?

Let me start by saying this isn't a sexually oriented question. My girlfriend and I seem to have quite a lot of single friends, but no "couple" friends. This is probably because we're young (early twenties) and most of our friends are still in the happy-go-lucky stage whereas we are settling down seriously.

What are some good ways (or avenues to pursue) to meet other couples? Our parents have lots of couple friends with whom they go on vacation, play golf, etc, but it seems we're a bit before our time. Is this a problem you and your partner have had? Do we just need to put up with it? Or are there some things we can do? We have even looked into some of the "couples socials" which, admittedly, are set up as a front for "adult fun" later on, but, being public socials with no requirements to go to the after-party may provide a good environment none-the-less?
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Get your single friends married, that's what I do.
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Just wait a few years.
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I can suggest two things: get involved in some volunteer community/civic organizations, and/or join a group based on some common interests. For example, we have met lots of couple friends through the friends of the local library group and the group that's trying to get a bike path built through our community. We've also met lots of couples through No Kidding, which is a social group for people with no kids, and the local vegetarian society. Revise to fit your own particular interests and community.
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If you're both active you could take up an activity that requires couples. My wife and I have met other couples playing doubles tennis, for example. That way you can figure out if they are worth spending time with outside of the activity.

When my wife and I were in our early twenties we made a habit of inviting other couples over for dinner, especially if we were only acquainted with them but wanted to get to know them a little better. Your offer may be received a little strangely but folks are usually warm to the idea. At that age people are used to being asked to parties but not necessarily "dinner parties". I also found that this experience now makes me more relaxed as host when I invite people over with whom I share a professional relationship.
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Join a bridge club.
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Second the dinner parties. Great fun, and you'll learn how to cook too, which is always a Good Thing for young couples. Don't invite more than one couple at a time, or you'll quickly feel more like a waiter than a host.
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Church is a good place.
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Have a kid, that changes EVERYTHING.
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You might try taking ballroom dancing lessons. People tend to take those with a partner as otherwise one might wind up forced to dance with some sweaty-palmed unlovely;-)
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Well, the traditional routes are neighbors, work, and church. You can ease yourself into this with a couple of parties that you invite your singles friends to, where you and your spouse are secretly evaluating the couples for friendship opportunities. Then start doing things with different couples two-on-two as it were. Eventually you'll hit it off with a few, just like anything else.

My parents met a bunch of other couples through a progressive dinner group when they first came to town, and some of those friendships lasted 25 years or more. Ask around, don't be bashful about your intentions, and somebody will have something along these lines they can point you toward.

Also, know that in a few years when you're knee-deep in diapers and all of your single friends avoid you, you'll wish you were back here now.
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