Need recommendations for both hair & makeup artists around Milwaukee, WI
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I am getting married this fall and still haven't found someone to do my hair or makeup for the big day. Looking for a stylist and artist that are affordable (we are on a tight budget). The wedding is in Wauwatosa, WI. Please help!! Thank you!
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When I got married, my step-mom did my hair and make-up. Do you have anyone, of your family and friends, that always looks really fabulous? That's the person to ask to do your hair and make-up for your wedding. If you're willing to trust them, I assure you that they will find it an honor to get to participate in your wedding. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Unfortunately I do not have friends skilled in hair or makeup....
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I used to be a makeup artist, and worked on cosmetic counters, and some women would come in for a makeup lesson so they could do their own makeup on the day. There was a fee, but that could be put towards products so you could pay just £30, or take £30 of cosmetics, ie powder and lipstick to touch up throughout the day. YMMV. It may be worth checking out local department stores to see if they offer the same.

If it feels like that would be adding stress to the morning (although I did my own on my wedding day and it was nice to have a half hour to myself rather than have people fussing around me) you might think of contacting some hair and make up academies in your area who have trainees that might do it for a smaller budget. When I was starting out as freelance I was happy to get the experience and charged way less than more established artists. Ask the course tutor to recommend someone good, maybe someone who has just qualified. Another idea may be to contact your photographer as they usually know makeup artists, who in turn will know hairdressers, as the three often collaborate on portfolio work.

Good luck and congratulations, have a fabulous day!
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I would agree with billiebee and try to find a nearby beauty school. Usually their prices are cheaper than a full-fledged salon and the students can sometimes have some really amazing ideas and techniques for fancy hair styles.
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