Boston area Sunset/moonrise on June 23rd.
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Where would be a good location in Eastern Massachusetts to see and photograph both the sunset and (full) moonrise on Sunday, June 23rd?

Sunset is at 8:25 PM, azimuth 303° (NWbW). Moonrise is at 8:33 PM, azimuth 116° (ESE).

I would like to be somewhere where I can see both these things happen with little or no obstruction. Priority is on the moon but if I can get a clear view to both that would be best. I'm thinking up high or on the water. Right now Castle Island is in the lead which would give me the moon rising over the islands and the town of Hull.

The place should be legally accessible after dark, which rules out the Blue Hills and many other reservations. I am a hiker and have no problem with night hiking but I'd prefer to keep it less ambitious. Paved or at least smooth trails would be best.

Dark sky doesn't matter. The moon is bright. In fact if I can find somewhere where the moon is over the Boston skyline, that would be pretty cool.

I'd prefer a natural location but if the best location is on top of an empty parking garage in Cambridge, let me know.

Parking and/or T accessible are a plus. Nothing that requires a boat to get to. I am also kicking around the idea of making this an IRL meetup if there is interest. Somewhere like Castle Island would be good for a pre-sunset picnic.

The moon will be full that night and will be at lunar perigee, also known as the "Super Moon", which if you believe the TV news means the Moon will be located approximately 17 miles from the Earth.
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If you can get there, East Beach Road in Westport, MA is an ideal location to do exactly this. It's about 1.5 hours south of Boston by car.
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I think for the city view you should scout Outlook Park in Brookline. It's on Summit Ave and isn't far from the B-line (not so far from the C, either, but I think the B is a bit closer).

The trees might be too full this time of year, but it's a gorgeous spot anyway so you won't regret the visit even if it doesn't work for this purpose.
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What about Scargo Tower, in Dennis?
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I recommend Truro or Provincetown. Somewhere near High Head, maybe. The map will tell you why.

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One of the best views of Boston is from East Boston. Piers Park has great views of downtown. The Hyatt Harborside area has harbor walk access right out to the water.

Perhaps Spectacle Island, or Deer Island?
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Maybe Eliot Tower in the Blue Hills?? You just have to check opening hours of the park...
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Weather permitting I'll be on Mt. Monadnock for it.
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So how'd it go? Did weather permit?
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Response by poster: Feh. Got about 2/3rds of the way up in awful humidity with temps in the high 80s. Rumbles of thunder, grey skies, visibility of only a few miles. Would not have seen the sun set nor the moon rise. Decided it wasn't worth it so I bailed.

Nice orangy moon on the ride home and I was home in time for Mad Men, so it wasn't a total wash.

The good thing about these types of events is that they'll happen again.
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