Trading a desktop for a laptop
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About a year ago I bought a refurbished iMac. I now totally regret buying a desktop computer and really wish I had a laptop instead. Is there any way for me to trade in my still perfectly-functional iMac for a Mac laptop? (In NYC if it matters)

I don't know if I'm looking for a business who will buy the thing from me and give me credit, or a forum where people trade electronics, or simply a way to sell it and get the maximum amount back for it, or what. All I know is, I have a $1200 computer that I hate using, and I don't want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars more on another computer so soon after buying this one.

(I feel like an idiot for buying it in the first place- I just thought desktops were more "grown-up" somehow. But I had gotten used to the convenience of a laptop, and now I hate having to sit at my desk to use the computer.)
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Your best bet is to go to Tekserve for trade-ins.
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Your best bet is to go to Craigslist and sell the desktop and use the money towards a laptop. One man's burden is another man's gain.
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Powermax is does Mac trade-ins. I haven't used them, but I was thinking about trading in my iPhone there, and saw that they had decent reviews. I ended up trading in at Amazon for slightly less money, but more flexibility; I didn't have any other Mac purchases I wanted to make right away. I know I could have gotten more money from a Craigslist sale, but at the cost of my time and energy. It's worth seeing what kind of quote they give you, anyway.
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You'll get the most money from Craigslist. Take lots of pictures and be very upfront about how great it is and why you're selling.
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Did the same as you. I had a 27" iMac i7 refurb, sold it on craigslist for $1200 cash to a guy.

Met at a coffee shop near my house, and changed the Applecare to his name.

edit: And yes, I was "that guy" at the coffee shop plugging in the gigantic iMac into the wall outlet for about a half-hour :)
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