Recommend a rheumatologist in Boston
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Can anyone recommend an excellent rheumatologist in the Boston area? Cambridge or Somerville would be ideal, but travel isn't a huge problem.
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My only personal experience is with pediatric rheumatologists. Assuming that's not what you're looking for you could try
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I can't say I spent enough time with him to declare him "excellent," but Dr. Pastan in Stoneham took my concerns seriously and listened carefully to my history. When a whole battery of tests came up negative, he recommended next steps (with other providers) for both potential diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.
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Rheumatology is a very broad field -- a rheumatologist who is generally excellent with, say, arthritis, might be sub-par for some of the more obscure conditions. So be sure to check that anyone you plan to see is knowledgeable about your particular condition. This can be challenging when you're trying to nail down an initial diagnosis, and it's sometimes necessary to go through a few layers of sub-specialists.
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