iPhone 4S case that's easily removable?
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after breaking my iPhone 4S screen twice in a short amount of time, it's obvious I need a new case. But it's never that easy....

Because I have this car stereo (which requires you to put the phone into the dock with its own special case) I need a case that I can take off and put back on quickly, with latches that won't break with repeated use (figure I'll be removing/replacing it at least twice a day).

I was looking at the Otterbox Armor Series, but I've read reviews that the latches are very hard to open. I also looked at the Reflex Series but the screen protector is one that you apply directly to the phone's screen, and I would prefer a case that has a built-in screen.
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These cases aren't exactly cool, but I've used them for both of my iPhones, and never had a break or even a scratch. They have a snap closure, so it's super easy to open and close. It's not sleek screen protection, but it works really well, and you are able to use the screen directly.
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I had an Incipio case like this one, and now use a similar silicone one. Soft and easy on/off. No latches, just stretchy silicone. There isn't a screen but the case wraps to the front.

Caveat: if you like to slide your phone into tighter pockets you won't like the silicone as it's grippy.
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I have a speck case (no screencover, but the material on the 5 is pretty much unscratchable...not sure about the 4S). Easy to pop on and off and I am a dropper (once a day, honestly) and have had no damage. Bonus- has slots in the back for ID and credit cards so I no longer carry a wallet.
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If you like the look of a halcyon day's suggestion, I'd recommend the Incipio NGP matte. It's easy to put on and off but the texture is slightly slicker than the more rubbery silicone cases. It has a bit more shock protection as well. I have dropped my phone on concrete at least 3 times in this case and it has absolutely no scratches.
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Oh, goHermGO linked the actual Incipio case I'd used. That one. It's good.
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I'm an endless fan of these speck candyshell cases. Get the flip version so you can pop it open and dock it easy.

In my extremely unscientific testing, they keep your phone from getting broken in any normal life situation every time, without being too gross and "case-y". They're barely thicker than one of those snap cases, but the "rim" on the front actually protects the screen really well.

The one downside is the little lip above the dock connector seems to snap off really easily, but that's due to the design of the non-flip version not really being meant to be pulled off a lot, and the flip avoids it.

Search amazon and eBay buy it now sellers. Do not pay $40 for one, I used to get the 4 ones for $8-15. They might even be cheaper now.
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I LOVE Switch Easy Color silicone cases. I am unsure if you want a hardcase though, but I love switch easy. They are .. well... easy to switch as they are silicone. Their hardcases may also be easy to take on and off. It has protected mine, but I am also not super clumsy with it, YMMV.

They are also available on Amazon, which is where I got mine Has my review and user images.
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