Is anyone familiar with 90 Second Web Builder?
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Has anyone used it or does anyone know anything about its functionality?

Posting this on behalf of my boyfriend. He asks:

"I'm thinking of purchasing a web developing tool called 90 second website builder to create the building blocks for an article selling website. I was wondering if the community had any dealings with it and what they thought of its features and how much depth (development-wise) it has. Also, would anyone know if it was possible for a web developer to modify the created website and add his/her own code easily, or would they need specific knowledge of the builder itself?"

He wants to be able to do the first part of the website by himself (to cut down on some costs) and then hire a website developer to do the hard bits.
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Best answer: I haven't used it, but I doubt there's any harm in using the 30-day trial to mock something up and show the code to the developer. At worst, I suppose it will illustrate what you want. Just stick with the thought that all you're doing are the easy parts, meaning your dev might be able to redo them trivially and better using the layout builder (e.g. layoutit), CMS (e.g. Drupal or Joomla), or app development framework (e.g. Rails or Django) the dev knows best. No matter how good the code this thing generates may be, ultimately the cost is probably more dependent on the skill and freedom your developer has than on any shortcuts you try to take now.
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Best answer: The HTML output from that is pretty rancid, and there is no content management system. No developer is going to want to mess with that code, and it is going to be the opposite of cost-effective.

Is there some reason your boyfriend isn't just planning to use WordPress?
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Best answer: As a web developer, I would much rather be handed a nice wireframe sketch or something mocked up in Photoshop than something from one of these type of tools. Specific knowledge of the builder is immaterial, I would end up starting from scratch.
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Best answer: Has he looked at other website building tools such as Weebly, Virb, Strikingly, SquareSpace, etc.?
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