One app to keep track of my calendar, todo list and scrap notes.
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I need ONE app to keep track of my calendar stuff, todo list, and scrap notes.

I am looking for an all encompassing app which allows me to handle the my calendar (with mobile reminders) and my "scrap notes" (to-do lists, links I want to check out in the future, cool stuff I find around the internet).

To explain a little further, I want to be alerted (especially on my mobile phone) of my well planned out calendar tasks: ("Return my library books.") and my leisure general future stuff: ("Learn more about improving my posture.")

My current method is terrible and involves Apple Calendar along with scattered Reminders lists, plain text files in my Dropbox, starred Gmail email, and links in my Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

I currently use a Mac computer and iPhone. Just today, I've started exploring OmniFocus, which has a steep price tag. Do you have any other suggestions?
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I used pocket informant back in the palm pilot / windows mobile days, and it did all that and more. I don't know how the iPhoneversion holds up, but it's worth checking out.
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Check out Awesome Note. I think it does what you are looking for, except maybe (?) the "cool stuff I find around the internet" part. Worth a look.
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Try Wunderlist. Does pretty much everything you want (except save links; I usually just make a note to Google something later), and it's pretty. Plus you can download the desktop version and keep everything synced. And, it's free.
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Evernote? You could set up tags and use it with IFTT for google calendar.
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I think this is what Evernote is made for. Check it out. Make some notebooks. You won't regret it.
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it integrates AWESOMELY with gmail and chrome via an extension, has good date reminder support... its a tad weak on scrap notes but i made a separate notes folder for random stuff I wanted to remember prior to putting in a list elsewhere.
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Evernote? You could set up tags and use it with IFTT for google calendar

Piggyback question: I use Evernote for everything mentioned above (and love it) but don't know how to get it to work with a calendar. Can you elaborate?
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