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I have this type of watch. The manual suggests that I should get Timex to repair the battery. I'm hoping to be able to do it myself and save a few bucks. However, I don't really see any way to get the back off. I also want to adjust the band as it's too large for my wrist. But, again, I really have no idea how to do this. Hoping someone here can tell me if this is something I'd be able to do from home (and tell me how to do it) or whether I should take it to a jeweler.
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You can get a basic set of watch tools or under $5 on eBay or Amazon. Then use YouTube to find instructional videos. That's what I did and I now switch watch bands, change sizes, swap batteries etc . It is all mostly easy once you've seen a video and have the right tool for the task.
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It's pretty easy to do both jobs if you know what you are doing. However as you don't I suggest you take it to a watch shop. Here in the UK a lot of shops will fit batteries and adjust straps free or for a few pounds. If you do fancy tackling the job yourself I am sure google will supply some instructions.
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Hey there,

So first off, I guess I should say that there are generally watch repair stalls in malls that willl do this for $5.

If you're still determined to do this, you have to figure out what kind of watch caseback you have. My Timex is a snap back, so you can either get a caseback knife or follow instructions like this. Then you can change the battery. The one thing you'll want to be really careful about is that if your watch is water resistant, there is generally a gasket, which can be damaged when you do this. Then your watch will no longer be water resistant. My experience with mall kiosks is that they aren't always very good about this either.

Resizing bracelets is a little more tricky. My Timex bracelet is a split pin. Alternatively, get a spring bar tool and put it on leather.
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More than likely, the back will pry off, but it's hard to tell for sure from that photo.

As for the band: I suspect you're going to have to go to a jeweler for that. They'll need to remove sections, and while you probably could get some watchmaker's tools and do it yourself, by the time you spend money on the tools, it'd be cheaper to pay a pro to do it.
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Oh, I just saw your watch on the website; it says it's an expansion bracelet.
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Best thing you can do is bring it to someone who knows how to replace watch batteries and adjust the band, like a jeweller. Also, if you want to change the battery yourself, you might compromise the "water-resistant" part of your watch. I wouldn't chance it if I wanted to keep my watch.
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I recently had my watch battery replaced at the fancy watch shop in town, probably the most expensive place I could have taken it, and it cost €9 and took 15 minutes (they were really busy when I went in). Given your watch is currently water resistant, something easy to screw up, it seems like a false economy to buy tools and a battery and do it yourself.
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Just take it to a watch stand in your local shopping mall. Shouldn’t cost you more than ten bucks. They’ll have all the tools and it will probably be the fastest, most convenient way to take care of your business.
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Any jewelry store can change the battery easily, and will probably charge you $10-20 bucks including the battery for the trouble. Most importantly, they can do it in about five minutes.
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