Looking for one-off volunteering suggestions and resources.
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I'm going to have two weeks' holiday time in September and I'd like to spend some of it volunteering on some kind of useful project. What should I do?

Needs to be somewhere in Europe to keep the travel costs down. I can afford to support myself for a week or two but something which provided free accommodation would be perfect.

I know about WWOOFing and it seems like the sort of thing I'm looking for but I'm struggling to find any alternatives. So I'm looking for specific suggestions of projects which match my criteria, resources for finding the same and any other information which might be useful!
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There is also helpx.net. Have fun!
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Earthwatch Institute sponsors some very interesting projects of this sort, pretty much anywhere you like.
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Habitat for Humanity Global Village. Also, if you can do beginning of October, there's the annual H4H Carter Work Project in honor of Jimmy Carter. They pick a few cities and focus on building there for a week. One of them this year is New York to fix homes affected by Superstorm Sandy.
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I'm not sure about opps in Europe, but I do know that this book by Lonely Planet, made specifically for volunteers, helped me find exactly what I was looking for.
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To be honest, if you're planning on volunteering some place for only two weeks, it's not even worth the time to train you, let alone give you free accommodations. Most of these organizations are strapped for resources and aren't in the business of providing people a free vacation.
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Habitat for Humanity!

What I love about it is learning some really useful skills!
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