Please help me find this monkey.
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Please help me find this monkey. This is my dog Frankie with her favorite toy (and a quarter for scale). This specific monkey toy is her favorite -- other monkey toys aren't as pleasing.

We bought a bunch of these at PetSmart when we last saw them and Frankie has worked her way through them. She is on the last one and it is in bad shape. PetSmart doesn't have them anymore (and doesn't know where they came from). Can you help us locate more of these monkeys for Frankie before this one finally disintegrates? Here's a picture of just the monkey.
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Is it a squeaky monkey or a crinkle monkey or a stoic monkey?
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Response by poster: It is a squeaky monkey.
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I'm having a hard time deciding whether the Kong monkey is the same thing or not. Parts of it look the same, and parts of it don't. Maybe they changed the design a bit?
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This site has a section for 'squeaky jungle animals':
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It kind of looks like the Boots & Barkley toys at Target which, coincidentally, are my dog's favorites.
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Best answer: Is this your monkey?

We also have a girl dog named Frankie.
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Response by poster: That is indeed my monkey, oneirodynia! My Frankie thanks your Frankie!
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This is also my dog's favorite toy. Were you able to purchase it anywhere? I haven't had any luck.
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