Outdoor furniture cushion slipcovers?
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We have a very full set of PVC outdoor furniture we bought 13 years ago and has held up pretty well.Most of the 20x36 inch cushions that go in the 6 chairs surrounding the large dining table are pretty shot (seams ripped, stuffing peeking out). the cushions are a tight weave vinyl which has held up well being outdoors all summer in chicago (stored indoors all winter). Before I replace the cushions (expensive! and not all of them need replacement yet) I would love to try to find a slipcover that would serve this purpose and work outdoors. The only outdoor cushion slipcover I have found so far is at Pottery Barn and expensive enough (about $38 each) that I might as well replace the cushions . Does anyone know of anything like this that is available and cost effective?
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Can you go on Craigslist and search for sewing, or someone who hems drapes. I have had great luck finding local (so far all older women) who will sew custom seat pillows, drapes etc for very reasonable rates. I just supply the fabric. If you can find OUTDOOR fabric on sale or use a 50% off coupon at Joanne you should be able to get the fabric cheaply.

I have paid around $6 a pillow + fabric for reference.
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I was going to suggest the same thing as saradarlin. Buy the fabric and pattern/color that you want and have someone make them. Try dry cleaners that have in-house tailors or ask around at fabric stores for people who would do this on commission.
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