Fixing scratches in polyurethane-coated leather
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How do I deal with scratches in "polyurethane-coated leather"?

I bought this bench a few years ago and it's acquired some scratches on the top surface from my cats' claws. Would like to improve its appearance and am pondering what to do.

If I had similar scratching on a pair of leather shoes I'd clean with saddle soap, use shoe polish, and buff to hide the scratches. But there are two complicating factors with this piece of furniture.

1. It's red. Don't think it's smart to put red shoe polish or equivalent on a piece of furniture where people will sit to change their shoes.

2. The leather has a little bit of a waxy feel to it, which I attest to this polyurethane coat noted in the product description, which has me stumped. I'm accustomed to polyurethane in its application for finishing hardwood floors, and I think PU is the stuff that makes "leather like" garments.

Not sure how to proceed, and wondering if the hive mind has any experience to share before I dive in. Thanks for any help.
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In the UK, kits to restore leather car seats are widely available in a wide range of clours. I suspect this will suit your needs assuming local availability.
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Best answer: A useful search term might be "bicast leather."

This blog post recommends using a hair dryer or heat gun to gently melt the polyurethane.
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