How to safely evict squirrels from a palm tree about to be trimmed?
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We share a 10' tall palm tree with a neighbor. The tree needs to be trimmed (dead fronts, some rotting areas, etc.). At least one, and probably a whole family, of squirrels has made its home somewhere in that tree. I don't want to see them get injured, but I don't know how to get them out before the tree-trimming service people come and start whacking at it.

I doubt very much that the service (which is being arranged by the neighbor, because the tree is technically in their yard) will be careful about such things. Does anyone have ideas about what to do?
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Chances are the squirrels will clear out as soon as humans start moving up the tree. Frankly, the humans are probably in more danger from a crazy squirrel expressing its displeasure, than the squirrels are in any danger from the humans.
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Have you ever seen a dead squirrel, aside from auto incidents? Most animals are absolute experts at clearing out when they sense the slightest of danger. You're thinking from a human mind, where we often get snuck upon by other humans.
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Squirrels bolt as soon as somebody invades their territory.
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Best answer: Squirrels can look after themselves. Of course if there are any pups in the drey they may suffer. I have no idea of the breeding season for squirrels where you are.
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If there are very young baby squirrels in the nest, then they won't be able to get out of the way. Squirrel parents don't carry the babies away from danger.
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Response by poster: So to follow up about this, we could not come up with a way to check for baby squirrels in the nest (which we believe was somewhere in the upper reaches of the palm tree). We tried to warn the tree trimmers about the situation. I could not be present when it was being done, and at the risk of being cynical, I doubt they cared or would have done anything different. Happily, though, after the work was done, we saw the squirrels still around our back yard running around in the same way they did before. So it seems that they (or some of them anyway) survived the ordeal.
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