Thinking inside the large heart-shaped candy box?
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I have two large, satin-covered, heart-shaped candy boxes that I've saved for storage. The question is, what can I store in them?

I'm thinking jewelry (if rings, how to anchor them in place, ditto necklaces)? Rolled-up scarves?

If you had two boxes like these, what would you put in them?
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I've used them for mailing cookie care packages.
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Best answer: Small bags of craft sand or other mouldable material; a very large collection of embroidery floss; bellydance skirts, scarves, cymbals; scraps of paper with story ideas you've jotted down, fortunes from inside fortune cookies, concert tickets and other paper scraps you keep; dried flowers; the weight off your shoulders; a breath of fresh air; a secret.
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condoms :)

If you want to anchor rings in one, cut a piece of foam to fit & then cut slits in it to slide the rings in.
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Store condoms in one and keep the box on your nightstand. lol about it.

(This will be less funny if you're settled down with someone.)
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Preview fail. Belladonna, you and I would be buddies.

I also think it would be amusing to store little hardware findings in. Nails, hooks, etc.
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Small bits of reference that need to be slightly obscured but easily findable: Important passwords, account numbers, contact information for your loved ones, questions you want to Ask Metafilter next week.
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Best answer: Love letters! (Or just cards/tickets/various paper ephemera you want to hold onto.)
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Stamps, envelopes, pens, stickers, postcards to send or receive.

(Crap, now I have Nirvana stuck in my head on a loop. Never ever really read the words to that song? Meat-eating orchids? Umbilical nooses? Man.)
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The obvious answer is thousands of tiny plastic spiders.

Or googly eyes.

Or those weird plastic babies that are sometimes in king cakes.
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Best answer: the obvious answer is more candy.
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heart-shaped candies
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heart shaped candies with spiders on themrude saying on them!
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Best answer: Precious silk lingerie or slips.
(I had a boyfriend long ago who swooned when he found such a box and saw the ivory satin n silk goodies within - he said it was the most feminine n sexy thing he'd ever experienced. Ha!)

Also a fan of the putting of hardware fixings in the other one. Or bondage implements.

If you were in a sympathetic, playful relationship you could play with this. Leaving one or the other out on the night stand to signal what kind of sexy mood you were in.
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I used a small, rectangular one of those to keep whiskers that fell off my dog's face, as they do. OK, maybe that was a bit weird.
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Uhh, maybe I'm weird but a heart shaped box would be the perfect place to store batteries. I tend to be one of those people who never remembers where I stored the batteries so I have to put them some place OBVIOUS (my current spot is the freezer). And searching for batteries when you Need Them Right Now is such a pain in the ass. I'd totally store them in a satin covered heart shaped box if I had one.
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Best answer: I have a feeling you are going to opt for the battery suggestion:)) but I would store photos in them!

Photos of my pets, childhood, and loved ones. Also, places I've been.

I often collect rocks, shells, and drift wood, so the second box would be a home for that kind of thing. I know where all of my "treasures" have come from, and it's how I keep memorable trips and outings close.

I also hold on to ticket stubs and programs from shows I've seen that were important to me.

I have the complimentary stationary and pencil from the hotel I stayed at my honeymoon someplace safe with other momentos.

I would put mementos in those boxes!!!
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Packed with wood shavings, use as gift boxes for the eggs from your chickens.
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Response by poster: I have found the answer. I am going to use the box to store my haunted funeral suit. (BTW, anyone looking for capsule wardrobe advice, please MeMail me.)

bellydance skirts, scarves, cymbals have gone into one of the boxes. The hip scarves were draped over furniture because I couldn't think where else to put them, but they'd have faded and got dusty so they're better in the box. I also found that a feathered bra I bought a couple of weeks ago, and had been keeping in a Glossybox outer on my desk because I couldn't think where else to put it, was just the right size to nest into the middle of the box. So this answered more than one of my storage problems at once!

a breath of fresh air My passive-aggressive birthday gift problems: solved.

My love letters go into my Chanel 2.55 bag, which is imaginary. But I do like this solution, and, by the way, all you MeFites who have been shyly holding back from sending me those love letters for all these years - pour out your hearts. Now would be a good time. Winner gets a week in historic Oxford with me. Second prize is two weeks in historic Oxford with me.

Prize for sanest answer goes to elizardbits, oddly enough. I thought "why didn't I do this before" because I like to have a dedicated box to store my snacks. The reason is that potato chips (which I store with candy) won't fit into a candy box without emptying them out or crushing them. Good idea though.

honey-barbara, I am definitely also implementing your idea. I am working my way clockwise around the room and my lingerie drawer is at eight o'clock. This will definitely solve the overstuffing problem as I separate my delicate silks from my utilitarian undies. The only problem is how to find the handsomest man in the world and get him to accidentally stumble across it; I'm thinking in terms of the classic "bucket over the door" setup, but how to get him into the house? Chloroform, or stranded kitten ploy? That's a question for next week.

The battery idea could work for less decorative boxes, and I'll keep it in mind, but this box is too fancy for that usage, and jbenben I'll just assume you're negging me and take it as a compliment. The keepsakes I have are often collated in a box that's contemporary with the associated events; photos my Dad took are in a 1970s Kodak box, for example, so I'm going to leave them in that box even though outwardly, it looks utilitarian and not sentimental. (I have the same reaction to commercials on old VHS tapes - weird isn't it? But that's how they affect me.)

BenPens, if I had some wood shavings I would definitely use them as gift boxes for the eggs from my chickens, if I had some chickens. But I don't think the boxes are tall enough for eggs.
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I like making beaded jewelry, so I would store all my handmade items in them.

(I love this question, and all the answers)
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Response by poster: I figured out how to make jewelry stay in the chocolate tray, if I wanted to - get little magnets and put one underneath each indentation? Would that work?
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It depends on the amount of magnetic metal in the piece. Gold, aluminum, silver, and some other metals aren't magnetic on their own, while other metals and blends (like iron) are. For science, I just passed a magnet over my jewelry box and I was surprised by what stuck and what didn't. I couldn't even guess by looking.
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