Where to eat with the in-laws, in Annapolis, MD?
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Me and the missus are meeting her parents in Annapolis this weekend. Of the four of us, two are enthusiastic omnivores, one loosely follows Atkins' diet (low carb) and one is intolerant of dairy and even small amounts of capsaicin. None of us are at all familiar with Annapolis. We'll be there for about 2 days, and have one car. Where should we eat?

Also feel free to recommend a lunch spot in Baltimore, where my wife and I (the omnivores) might stop on our way home.
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It's been a little too long away for me to know with confidence about the food-issues side of things, but:

http://www.49westcoffeehouse.com/ This is a great casual cafe with excellent desserts.

http://www.galwaybaymd.com/ Sort of dressed up pub food but I always liked it. The brunch they do will render you immobile for the rest of the day.
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Sushi! There's lots of it and it's fresh. Places may have changed a bit since I lived there, but yeah. Sushi! It's everywhere.

If you're feelin' adventurous, walk or drive across the bridge to Eastpost. Good local seafood joints there, especially the Boatyard.

Don't go anywhere other than Galway Bay that has an Irish name in my opinion.

But if you're up on West Street the food at Ram's Head (the restaurant not the music venue) is decent, and the beer is amazing!
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The answer is Mike's crab house.
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The Riverside (aka Cantler's Riverside Inn) and in Fells Point, Obryckis. To be in Maryland and to eat anything but crabs is some sort of sin, I'm sure.
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Lewnes Steakhouse.
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Joss for sushi, hands down. Level has excellent small plates and cocktails. Seconding Lewnes and the Boatyard as well. Vin 909 is a great new wine bar, but expect to wait.

49 West is pretty good, but the service is between indifferent and terrible.

There are unfortunately a lot of mediocre restaurants, especially near the harbor.

We should have an Annapolis meetup!
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You should be careful with almost all seafood dishes in Annapolis for the person with the capsaicin allergy. Old Bay is a hometown favorite, and it contains red pepper.
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Ok. Edit: Most dishes might contain old bay, like French fries, and other starchy veggies. You should ask.
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Chiming in to second (or third) the recommendations for Lewnes, Vin 909, Level and Joss. Tsunami is also good, though not quite as good as Joss, and Carpaccio is decent Italian/Mediterranean. Crush Winehouse is also fun, and so is Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar. Enjoy!
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