Sources for long-form non-fiction, essay, cultural crit on web
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I'm looking for websites that post longer pieces (3000 words+) on topics like science, culture, personal essay (not so much regular long-form journalism). These could be magazines like seed or or online only. Recommendations?
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Much of should work, or no? Depends on what you mean by culture.
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Arts & Letters Daily
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London Review Of Books occasionally publishes pieces from their print edition online.
posted by mippy at 10:15 AM on May 17, 2013 [1 favorite] is still fairly new, but is trying to accomplish this sort of thing.
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The New Inquiry and Jacobin are also great.
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ScienceBlogs: "where the world turns to talk about science"

The Rumpus: "essays, reviews, interviews, advice, music, film and poetry—along with some kick-ass comics"

Skyscraper: "an online music, arts, and culture magazine that aims to provide insightful cultural criticism – in the form of reviews, interviews, articles, and columns – on a broad range of topics in popular culture"

Edge: "to arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves"
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I concur on Arts & Letters Daily, Longform, London Review of Books, and Jacobin. Other good stuff:

The Rumpus - literary focus; original essays & links to other longform writing.
The Millions - literary focus; original essays & links to other longform writing.
The Edge - combines perspectives from arts, literature, philosophy, and science.
Film Crit Hulk - wonderful, very long, all-caps (sorry) essays about film.
Context and Variation - my favorite science blog.
BLDGblog - extended photo-essays about architecture & design.
PingMag - extended photo-essays about design; focus on Japan.

The Baffler - "a journal of art & criticism".
N+1 - essays on literature, culture, & politics.
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A passing observation. Note that more often than not, the pieces posted online, free, are not considered the better pieces for a magazine or paper to offer and without a subscription you will have access only to those articles an outlet deems worth giving away free...Of course online sites, ie, Salon, Huffington etc. are totally free.
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I quite like American Scholar myself. The Sun: a Magazine of Ideas has some good essays, too.
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The Feature
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if you haven't seen it, previously
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Aeon magazine.
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Response by poster: Hi, thanks for all the responses, I've been visiting many of the sites. On other note: it seems that has become a decent place for finding longer articles (perhaps to differentiate itself from reddit). I've been visiting the site frequently.
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