Free (or cheap), clean, minimal, mostly text Wordpress theme
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I'd like a place to put up a CV and occasionally some writing. I'm looking for a minimal, clean, and if possible free Wordpress theme. In terms of references, I really like the look of Grantland articles (for example, the first thing I clicked on their frontpage). I love the running header, the minimal navigation, the centered space for an article, the white space, the blocking, and the running foot-notes on the side.
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I love the information architects wp theme [demo]. Gorgeous plain-text and responsive. $50

I've used it for ages and love it.
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I've used White and Clean for a long time with some minor adjustments and I use VeryPlainText for my blog. Can not help you with running footnotes however, that seems a little high end to me, but I may be out of step.
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Minimalistic (That's the actual name of the theme.)

It's free.

Also free. It has a number of options. I am using one of the more minimal options on one of my sites.
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Use the default Twenty Twelve or Twenty Eleven with the header pictures taken out of the theme.
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I'm pretty happy with Oulipo.
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The Erudite is clean, elegant, and focuses on writing including various typographic considerations. I've customized somewhat for my site but the stock version is very nice. And it's free.

It does not have built-in footnotes but I'm guessing that's available as a plugin somewhere. It does have just the one center column with lots of white space (sidebars are at the bottom of the page). The pullquote is in the side margin which I think is nice. You can click through on my name to see my customizations (some of which are subtle but important) and if you need help with customizing it for your site you can hit me up.
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The folks at AlienWP have some very nice, sparely designed, free themes that might work for you. I'd love to see someone adapt that style of side-notes into a WP theme, but I've only seen that on custom-designed sites.
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