Anything... ANYTHING but outlook!
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Motorola v3 Razr... I need to find a desktop calendar program (I currently use Rainlander, but any calendar 'cept Outlook will do) for a Windows platform that will synchronize with my new phone.

I don't care what the calendar program is, but I don't want to buy outlook. I'm happy with Rainlander, which is a simple desktop konfabulator-type widget, but obviously that won't synchronize well. I don't like using Outlook, I refuse to pay for outlook (I use OpenOffice) ... but the only thing that seems to work out of the box is, well, outlook. Platform is WinXP.
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Hmm. Not easy - I've not tried to sync a Razr but from memory, Moto's sync software is pretty awful.

Try the (free) Palm Desktop - there are a lot of 3rd party apps and hacks for it which may help. Failing that, try Sunbird but I don't think either will sync out of the box.

Maybe a third-party sync solution? DataPilot / MobileAction.
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Response by poster: Problem solved: I bought a Mac, and things work with iSync out of the box. ;)
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