10 dollar art mystery
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Does anyone know what happened with the 10 dollar art mystery? It’s been a while and I can’t find a resolution. There’s the Wiki, but if it has any more information I didn’t see it.
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The comment section of your linked article has a comment from "narrative urge" who claimed to be the person behind the mysterious packages (quote in itallics)


I considered writing a private message to Debbie, but commenting as part of this thread, where I feel among friends, seems more appropriate.

And Wyatt, your report of the downtown trek – ending with a beanbag toss, free cocktails in a snazzy hotel, and laughter at the day – approaches the heart of why I launched the 10 Stories High project. (“Maybe this is what we had been looking for all along.” I should borrow that line.)

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far.

It’s not over. My story needs an ending. Art projects never really finish, anyway. A painter completes a painting, but when are people done experiencing it? When does the artist stop learning from what’s been made?

Someone has “cracked the code” (to borrow another phrase, from Debbie’s first post) and sent me an email, which is the trigger for reactivating the Facebook pages: Narrative Urge and 10StoriesHigh. The pages began when the project did. If you’d like to see an early chronology of sorts, and read a few notes about the project’s impetus or rationale, please go there.

I hope to hear from more people who have been involved with the project, which is ongoing. Your reactions. How finding an envelope, or the possibility of finding one, affected your “story” in some small way. What your story was before $10 landed in your hands with a cryptic message and a fragment of some stranger’s narrative. Your sense of what it all means when such elements are juxtaposed.

I’d like to know.

Looks like the Facebook pages for Narrative Urge 10StoriesHigh are still live and have some more information.
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Response by poster: I saw that post, I guess I just didn’t understand it.
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Best answer: From what I can tell, it was an interactive fiction project. The idea being that the envelopes would plant a seed for a story, then the recipients would "write" the end of the story by following clues. The 10StoriesHigh follows them dropping the envelopes and here is another link that reveals the identity of the author.
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