Assignments from Columbia College's Value Investment Group
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I've become very interested in the philosophy of Value INvesting, first espoused by Benjamin Graham and later on by his followers Irvin Kahn and Warren E. Buffet. I have come across a program at Columbia Business College entitled The Value Investment Program wherein forty students are allowed to take classes on Value Investing at the tutelage of Bruce Greenwald among numerous others. As I am not a Columbia Business student, I have no access to these materials but would be very much obliged if anyone could give me some of the work in these classes or in classes very similar to this type of course seeking to inculcate in students a solid understanding of how to pick value investment stocks. Also any other user-friendly books and or website resources on value investing would also be helpful. THANKS
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The CBS Value Investing program is excellent but it's extremely difficult to get in.

Their website has a list of relevant books. I don't know how much you've already read, but the first thing is to read Graham's Intelligent Investor. Security Analysis is the next up, but it's a bit unwieldy and kinda dated, so I'd suggest one of Greenblatt's books or Klarman's Margin of Safety (which you can find in pdf format online*).

In my experience, classes on investment analysis don't contain any super-secret information that isn't out in the world already. The value in them is they force you to come up with and share investment ideas, which are then scrutinized by professionals. You can find other outlets for this. And, really, the Columbia program is so good because it serves as a conduit to really good jobs at NYC hedge funds.
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My biz partner is an alum and claims its been poisoned by said Hedge Fund guys.

but other than that, Mullacc is spot on.

The really important thing isn't securities analysis its having a process that finds you securities to analyze where the odds are tipped at least a little bit in your favor.
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Value Investors Club run by Greenblatt has some great write ups, you can see older posters as a guest. Seconding the suggest oof Greenblatt's book, including the older ones.
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