San Francisco bike questions
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I'll be travelling to San Francisco for a conference the last week of May and I'd like to rent a bicycle and bike around a bit. Any bike-related stuff going on then? This and other bike questions inside.

I'll be arriving early afternoon on Monday the 27th (assuming no filght delays) and flying back out late Thursday night. The conference is scheduled for Tuesday - Thursday so this leaves me most of Monday and the other evenings free. So, not a lot of free time but if there happen to be any sort of bike-related events or rides going on please let me know. I'll be staying near Union Square, but happy to travel anywhere in the city (or down to the Penninsula).

In terms of biking, I am someone who commutes about 15 miles/day year round in Maine, and I take longer rides on the weekends once the snow melts. I'm not a racer but generally have no problems riding with city traffic and getting around at a good enough pace.

I used to live (but not bike much) in San Francisco so I am familiar with the city generally and if nothing specific is going on I'll plan to ride around to some favorite places Monday and in the evenings.

Bike rental: searching brings up the two biggest bike rental places, which seem fine, but I'd happily give my money to a local bike shop instead if any do rentals.

Stores: I know many bike-related companies are based there, so are there any flagship or otherwise interesting stores or the like I should check out if I have the chance?

Any tips, warnings, etc. from local riders are greatly appreciated!

(Bonus Question: A pierogi restaurant called Stuffed was supposed to be opening in the Mission by "mid-April", but I haven't been able to find any news beyond that. Anyone know if it will be open by Memorial Day?)
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Not local to SF, but I rented a bike there for a week in February. I think I found one place in the Mission that had hybrids, but I wanted a road bike and ended up having a pretty good experience with Sports Basement in the Presidio. Kind of a pain to get to but the staff was friendly and helpful and it was fairly inexpensive.
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Bike rental: searching brings up the two biggest bike rental places, which seem fine, but I'd happily give my money to a local bike shop instead if any do rentals.

I've rented from a few places in the city, and can completely recommend these guys. It's just a couple of great guys that rent great bikes. They can probably help you plan routes and answer any questions too.
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Stuffed updates from Eater SF. Sounds like still on the way. If I'm on that block soon I'll peer in the windows and see what's up.

Is your conference at the Mark Hopkins, by any chance?
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The conference is at the Hilton (Fluent).

Thanks for the rental info, they look like an interesting business!
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This is some info from a friend:

Bike Shops:

Worth checking out is Huckleberry Bicycles on Market Street - they're doing something a bit different in terms of bike shops, and they've gotten a lot of kudos for it. See

I also like Box Dog Bikes in the Mission -

Rivendell Bicycle Works features their locally designed beautiful lugged steel frames, and a lot of other lovely gear. They are a BART ride away in Walnut Creek, but it's worth it because you can take the bikes out for a spin, and the folks who work there are friendly. They'll have a pop up in SF in early June, if you'll still be around, see the advert below. More info in general at

Of course, SF critical mass is still the last Friday of the month. Looks like you'll be gone. But, many other bikey events in SF are listed on the SF bike coalitions website here:
If you're heading to the East Bay, East Bay Bicycle Coalition's calendar is here:
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Latest update, too late for your visit -- Stuffed is now open.
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